Heat Presses

Insta Model 201

With its 33cm x 33cm platens and compact frame, the Model 201 is the perfect small format machine for use in the home, craft and hobby industries. Its swing-away design makes the 201 an extremely user-friendly machine by providing completely unobstructed access to the lower platen. Loading garments and placing transfers is hassle-free.The tapered edges of the upper platen help reduce the harsh appearance of impression marks during the application process.

Over the Centre Pressure Distribution
The pressure source is strategically placed over the centre of the upper platen and uses struts to drive that pressure out to all corners. The result is an even and heavy duty distribution
of pressure that is unmatched by other heat presses in the market today.

Cast-In Tubular Heating Element
The tubular heating element is cast into the aluminium upper platen, heating the metal from within. The element is coiled throughout the upper platen to provide a reliable and even circulation of heat out to all corners.


• Swing-away upper platen
• Pressure adjustment crank
• Integrated digital controller which features controls for time, temperature (Fahrenheit or Centigrade) and auto-off
• Protective heat shroud
• Warranty - Lifetime warranty on the upper heating element, 1 year on parts & 90 days on labour
• ETL, CE, WEEE, & RoHS compliant

Power 120 volt - 1200 Watts, 10.0 Amps
220 volt - 1800 Watts, 7.8 Amps
Platen Size 33 x 33 cm
Working Space:
Depth: 57 cm
Width 51 cm
Height 39 cm
Shipping Weight 35 kg